Plan Your Trip



Wether you’re getting in with a train, a bus, a boat, on on foot, the Bastille Team put together a few recommendations for you to make your way to the Festival without missing anything!

You are taking a train to Wynyard station, and you plan to go to the Christmas in July Market.

The recommended French itinerary: After leaving the train station towards George Street, walk all the way to Argyle Street and let the Christmas Magic happen: fairy lights, decorated pine trees and splendid wooden chalets!
Nevertheless, there is so much more to see at Bastille Festival. Go back to the Promenade, and head to Customs House (you can stop at First Fleet Park to enjoy a live show). Try a French cider at Fils de Pomme, perfectly matching our French Crepes, deliciously prepared by French Kiss Creperie.
Afterwards, make your way to East Circular Quay and enjoy some shopping for yourself (or your friends/family of course). We have a lot of little things to bring back home such as oil, and truffles. If you’re getting cold, why don’t you try a glass of mulled wine? Christmas is everywhere…

You decided to jump on a boat towards Circular Quay, and you plan to head for Wine from Provence.

The recommended French itinerary: When you’re leaving the wharf, East Circular is right on your left (tricky, isn’t it?). While having a glass of Rosé, why don’t you try le Confit de Canard (Duck)?
Afterwards, just walk along the quay and stop in Customs House to enjoy some live music. If you’re still feeling hungry after this, First Sleet Park is the home of the Food Fusion: Masala Kitchen will cook a blue cheese naan just for your taste buds, yummy! Or perhaps you’ll be brave you enough to try the French escargots (snails)?
Keep on walking along the Promenade to go to The Mulled Wine Cinema.

You decided to ride the bus all the way to Alfred Street (or you decided to walk there), and you plan to go to First Fleet Park and enjoy live shows and music.

The recommended French itinerary: Once you make it to the Quay, head to the MCA, and you’ll be in First Fleet Park in the glimpse of an eye. Enjoy artists. It is already delightful, but it gets better: you can enjoy a roasted camembert, or even a French burger!
It gets better: go back to Customs House, enjoy some more shows, and you can even have a cup of champagne and a tasteful French Raclette.
Finally, make your way to East Circular Quay. You can never have enough French food: how about enjoying a refreshing beer, while eating a fondue or the famous french “Confit de Canard”? It’s all that French Joie de Vivre!