Off Piste Experience

For the first time in Sydney, the Alps are closer than they have ever been before. Off-Piste are moving mountains, to set-up their lodge.

Inside the snowy haven you can find the ultimate urban skiing and snowboarding experience. Off-Piste have created the latest interactive adventure using virtual reality technology to get you on the slopes.

The technology recreates real-life G force sensations to feel all the mountain’s unpredictable conditions that we love. Ice, slush, and the sensations of moguls will come in to play as you glide down renowned slopes of your choice around the globe. The HD graphics engulf you into focusing on getting your turns on track if you chose to enter into a slalom race.

Qualified instructors are ready to train, teach and custom fit your boots whether you decide to try-out skiing or boarding.

The simulator is ready to take on everyone, any age and any level so you can feel the Apres-ski is well deserved after your session.