Underground Coffee Roasters

Underground Coffee Roasters

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Underground Coffee Roasters

Underground Coffee Roasters Founder Tim Briggs is a man with a mission: To offer his customers the best pub coffee in Australia.

Tim created this specialty coffee-roasting company based in the Blue Mountains to create delicious blends and offers amazing single origin coffees.

Each varietal of bean is roasted to its full potential as UCR applies individual profiles depending on size, density, moisture content and weight. These individual beans are painstakingly blended to create beautiful and complex roasts. Each roast style whether for espresso of filter coffee must fall into our strict parameters of moisture loss, roast development percentages, temperature and colour both external and internal.

Of course, freshness is the key to great flavour. Coffee beans will often only have a ‘best before date’; UCR roasts to order to ensure ultimate freshness and stamps a ‘roast date’ instead.

Specialty beans bring the blends to life and you won’t find UCR doing the old industry trick of substituting cheap beans into a blend. No chance.

The Vintage French Citroen Van brings beautiful coffees directly from their roaster to the Bastille Festival Sydney 2018.

Underground Coffee Roasters will be located at Customs House Village of Bastille Festival Sydney 2018.