Saucissons & Fromages by La Bastide

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Saucissons & Fromages by La Bastide

Saucissons Australia by La Bastide brings you ‘The most authentic saucisson in Australia’, called by Gourmet Traveller Magazine.

Produced by La Bastide since 2009, owned by Jean-Marc Amar, ex French executive chef, who learned the art of making saucisson from relatives while he was growing up in France’s Languedoc region.

Ask what French living in Australia miss most about their homeland and the inevitable answer is saucisson. Eaten with bread, cheese and a glass of wine, saucisson is a slow-aged, air-dried pork sausage that’s a staple of French food culture. It is just as important to the French as bread, wine and cheese. Despite the rich choice of Italian, German, Polish and Spanish smallgoods in Australia, saucisson is surprisingly hard to find. And there’s no substitute for the real thing. That’s the original reason for Jean-Marc to start his company.

Our saucisson comes from Berkshire pigs, fed in NSW. They are bred in a free range way where they roam free during the day and are put inside at night to be safe from predators.

Also, our products are leaner than ones in France. “We had to change the proportion of fat to meat,” Amar says. “In France, they use 30 per cent fat and 70 per cent meat. Here, people are more worried about fat so we use about 15 per cent fat.”

Saucissons Australia’s meat and fat is coarsely chopped and the only additives are salt, black peppercorns and a starter culture. Then the mix is put into natural casings and tied with string and hung and dried. The saucissons hang for two months and, about three weeks into the process, their distinctive bloom or mould appears, bringing a rich mushroomy flavour to the meat.

“You slice it on a meat platter with jambon cru and Viande des Grisons and serve it with boiled potatoes covered with melted raclette, cornichons and tiny onions,” Amar says.

La Bastide de France supplies shops and restaurants throughout Australia and is the favourite saucisson supplier for many Sydney and Melbourne restaurants.

Saucissons Australia is in The Rocks Christmas in July Village, First Fleet Park Village and Customs House Village, from the 11th of July to the 14th of July in Sydney.