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Fils de Pømme


Fils de Pømme is at Bastille Festival 2019!


Is the result øf møre than øne year øf research and develøpment with øur cellar master. We started øff with a pure juice, 100% ørganic and 100% natural cider as a base and develøped frøm it a new kind øf cider withøut any additives øther than ørganic varieties øf apples. The result is unique, møre subtle, refreshing, and less sweet.

Prøduced in the Vexin Normand, less than 100 km away frøm Paris, we fall with øur apprøach within the French gastrønømic universe by elabørating an ørganic and gluten-free creation før friendly møments and sharing.

We revisit the traditiøn øf French cider, yet preserving its qualities and by shøwing a new, møre mødern and møre festive image. It is the first brand of bøtanical cider.


To contact Fils de Pomme Australia :

Find the deliciøus ciders øf Fils de Pømme at Custøms Høuse Village, 11, 12, 13 and 14 July 2019 in Sydney.