Customs House Village


The Customs House Village is the oldest village of the event and it’s celebrating its 7th anniversary

Glorious French food. Bite into the best daily baked traditional baguettes, go for the traditional French charcuterie (saucissons, patés, foie gras, rillettes) or taste stinky French cheeses. You can even have a shot at the traditional dish from Alsace named Choucroute. What could be a better reason than a winter day to enjoy the French favorite “Raclette”, a traditional cheese from the Alps melted on potatoes, pickles and onions? 

If you are looking for an amazing foodie experience, Customs House Village is also offering food stalls, bringing out the French fusion, with dishes such as gnocchis stuffed with a creamy truffes and champagne soup.

You would rather have sweet food? No worries ! No such thing as a French village without a stall of traditional fresh crêpes cooked on site by French “crêpiers”. 

All these delicious meals might make you thirsty, and that is why four different bars are waiting for you. Quality wines and ciders will let you have a taste of the French savoir faire.

This year, the French lifestyle will be everywhere. The village also features a range of French vendors, selling everything from French table cloths, frames and art prints, authentic Laguiole Knives, French Parisian Jewellery, French baskets, Olive Oil and beautiful French decorative items made by French Designers to bring back home after the Festival.
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