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Latin Dance Australia performing live

Sunday 14 – 5:30PMFirst Fleet Park Time Out Stage

About the artist :

Latin Dance Australia (LDA) is not just a dance studio, it is a community of fun-loving, social people creating an atmosphere of friendliness and friendships through their passion for Latin Dance and fitness.

LDA is the largest and most renowned Latin Dance School in Australia and is home to more than 20 Australian Champion couples and teams, winning dozens of trophies from Latin dance competitions across the globe to decorate their studio walls.

Latin Dance Australia is the home of Latin Dance in Sydney.

Whether you are learning saucy salsa from Cuba or LA to sexy bachata and reggeaton from the Caribbean or the sensual zouk Lambada from Brazil, LDA teaches Sydney how to move to all the favorite Latin Dances.

Join Latin Dance Australia as they take you through some awesome salsa steps and dazzle you with an amazing dance showcase at the Bastille Festival 2018!