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Billsbry Performing Live!

Thursday 11 – 7PM – First Fleet Park  Time Out Stage
Friday 12 – 3:30PM – First Fleet Park Time Out Stage

About the artist :

Billsbry is the musical alias of Charlie Fisher, a Sydney based musician. Billsbry’s sound cant quite be pinpointed, as he is nota genre based artist. In the past Billsbry originally started out experimenting with psychedelic ambient blues but has recently also delved into soul, funk, reggae and jazz/house. Billsbry showcases his take on all of these genres using an electric guitar, loop pedal and sample pad to craft his original songs through layering. Charlie is also the co-leader of Sydney based band “Majun Bu”.. which explains why there may be a fewreggae/funk tunes snuck into a Billsbry set.