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The Rocks :

About the Rocks

Framed by Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, and nestled on the edge of breathtaking Sydney Harbour, The Rocks offers an unrivalled blend of the old and new. From intimate heritage architecture and cobblestoned laneways, to stylish modern bars, you will find some of Sydney’s finest restaurants and curious places to shop and to explore. With the MCA as one of its modern ambassadors, The Rocks is emerging as Sydney’s new cultural precinct, and has been transformed into a creative nucleus of contemporary art, festivals and evolving pop-up spaces.

The Rocks: it’s a perfect blend of culture, cuisine and experiences that are worth savouring.


United Cellars :

United Cellars is one of Australia’s leading wine and spirits experts in online retail and premium wine events. The purpose is to supply the clients with the finer things in life; whether it be discovering new fine wines from all over the world or sourcing a hard-to-find vintage from your favourite label, the friendly staff at United Cellars have you covered. In collaboration with some of Australia’s best restaurants, knowledgeable industry icons and of course only the finest wines, those first-class events are held every month across Australia.

Focussing on hosting the most exciting and educational wine experiences around, the purpose is to support each client as they explore the world of fine wines, making sure they thoroughly enjoy every moment!



BBR Agency :

The Agency works to combine creative customised events and strong digital strategy for brands. Based in Sydney, NSW, BBR Agency was created in 2013 to organise the Bastille Festival. This unique event was a vibrant salute to France’s National Day (14th of July) and attracted 700 000 over 4 days for celebration of the anniversary of Bastille Day.

The Agency also organise a unique Open Air Cinema called Mov’in Bed, with more than 150 beds over the night !