French Wine Tasting Tour

French Wine Tasting Tour

One French Passport – 7 French Wine Regions and as many good reasons to walk around the festival.

How about getting yourself a French passport ? If it doesn’t give you the French Nationality, it will definitely give you access to an amazing French wine experience ! Walk around the Festival with your Eco wine glass and use your express path and your passport to request your wine tasting. Each region will be showcasing an amazing wine, something really unique that you will want to taste. From a Chateau Latour to a St Emilion, it’s a little tour into France’s most reputable wine and vineyards.


Passport is available for Pre-sale at a cost of $29. Just come and pick it up at the Info tent.

It gives you access to the tasting of 7 wines and one beer tasting and comes with One branded wine glass.