Le Cabaret

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Le Cabaret Show – By The Magicians Cabaret

Discover the traditional French Cabaret!

The annual Grand Cabaret Show created for Bastille Festival by James Karp (The Magicians Cabaret) and choreographed by James Taylor will return for a night full of surprises… In the past three festivals it has appeared to audiences on Channel Seven’s Morning Show, SBS, Fox, CCTV and French media TV5 Monde.

Imagine an evening at the Parisian Cabaret right here in Sydney, featuring Can-can, music, songs, dance and magic. “Le Cabaret” features a cast of actors, singers, dancers and magicians who deliver poetry, song, dance and magic in classic 19th century Parisian cabaret style.

You will delight in how Le Cabaret, in just 20 magical minutes, orchestrates French poetry and literature such as Fran├žois-Marie Arouet, along with famous Cabaret songs from Edif Piaf , music from French composer Jacques Offenbach, famous French dances such as the Can-Can and of course 20th century French Magician Robert Houdin to name but a few.

Laugh, love and live or as we French say it, “Joie de Vivre”

Producer – James Karp – The Magicians Cabaret (Sydney)
Choreographer – James Tailor


Friday 14 July 18:30pm