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Vulkan Balkan

Vulkan Balkan brings for the first time on Circular Quay and Bastille Festival the unique flavours from the heartland of Balkan Region

Let’s start with the Balkans… 

The Balkans is a peninsula in Southeast Europe. It’s easy to find – it’s located to the right of “the booth” (Italy), just across the Adriatic. It consists of the countries that back in the day formed the former Yugoslavia, plus a few more. Historically Balkans has hosted Greeks and Romans, Illyrians, Ottomans, Austro-Hungarians, and many more civilizations. These historic circumstances allowed Balkan food to develop into a colorful, hearty, cuisine that has adopted all the best flavors, and developed them into something unique yet familiar. Whether they live in a city, town or a village, most Balkan people prepare food from scratch. Balkan culinary tradition is such where people are used to eating something homemade

What’s on Vulkan Balkan menu ?

Meat is prepared every which way, especially on the grill, of which cevapcici or grilled meat sausages, are the most popular.

Balkan Burger, Cevapi Burger Cevapi (pronounce CHE-VA-PEE) and Pljeskavica (pronounce; PLYES-KA-VITZA) are a staple in any good balkan grill and BBQ along with the Capsicum relish, Cream Cheese spread and Shedded cabbage coleslaw

Vulkan Balkan is on the Nordic Village, East Circular Quay, Bastille Festival 13 to 16 July 2017