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A Taste of Paris

A Taste of Paris imports from France some of the finest, unique and exceptional French gourmet food.

A Taste of Paris is a Melbourne based company, dedicated to introducing and connecting French Artisanal Food Producers with Australian consumers.

Founded by Corinne Robart in 2012, a Taste of Paris offers collections that are based on unique, beautiful and high quality products, composed with savoury and sweet products – olive oils, pulp fruits’ vinegar, mustards, salt and pepper, confits, jams – but always with an amazing, surprising twist in terms of a visual, flavour, and a ‘story’ behind each product.

Selecting our French artisans and products was a little bit scary at the start, not knowing if the Australian consumers will embrace these unexpected artistic selections of products. But the response has been fantastic, receiving requests Australia-wide from professionals – gourmet stores, delis, for hampers and gift stores – to finally the consumers.

Most popular items are in The Gold Collection: gold truffle mustard, gold Himalayan salt, gold pepper, gold sugar and the gold bottle truffle olive oil. The collection is so unexpected, so beautiful by elevating all dishes to new heights with this unique sparkling touch of gold.

Corinne’s favourite is the gold truffle mustard – a beautiful balance between the French fine mustard and the truffle flavour. The gold visual adds something very special, elegant and festive in all my dishes – salad dressing, accompaniment of my meats dishes – I just love it!