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For the first time on Bastille Festival, authentic Dutch Stroopwafels by StroopBros !

StroopBros came about by the vision of two cousins Alex and Troy. Stuck in their nine to five jobs, their vision of a better working life evolved into a one off hand built food cart specialising in the Stroopwaffle.

What on earth are Stroopwafels ?

Stroopwafels are sweet Dutch delicacies composed of two layers of thinly sliced waffles filled with hot Dutch caramel. All made fresh to order using a Stroopwaffle press, a spiced waffle dough ball is pressed flat, once cooked the waffle disk is precisely sliced in two halves and smothered with warm caramel, which sticks the waffle halves together.

Stroopwafel, as it is known in Holland, is a unique type of cookie that has been around for centuries in its native country the Netherlands. It is a traditional daily treat for the Dutch and is mostly eaten with their morning coffee or tea. The Syrup Waffle (Stroopwafel) is still sold and made the traditional way, at local open air markets . As the delicious scent travels through the market, the customers line up with their mouths watering.

StroopBros’ recipe is passed down from generation to generation. There is a tremendous amount of specialized equipment needed to bake a proper Stroopwafel. These delicious Caramel Cookie Waffles (called Stroopwafels by the Dutch) with richly filled chewy centers are one of Holland’s true specialties. The history of the Stroopwafel goes back until 1784.

Also on the menu

At Bastille Festival, StroopBros offers delicious ice-cream sandwiches