Spanish Tapas Bar

Spanish Tapas and Portuguese Kitchen

Spanish Tapas and Portuguese Kitchen

Spanish Tapas and Portuguese Kitchen is the back on Bastille Festival 2017

Let Carmelina indulge your senses with delicious Spanish Tapas like Patata Bravas or Garlic Mushrooms in her Gourmet Tapas Bar with traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Spanish Tapas And Portuguese Kitchen is using the best and freshest ingredients, never scrimping on quality or flavour.

A bit of history…

Tapas, the Spanish practice of drinking with accompanying small plates of various different food evolved over hundreds of years on the Iberian Peninsula. The word ‘tapa’ means ‘cover’ or ‘top’ and there almost as many theories about their origin as there are dishes. Why did such an unusual way of drinking and eating evolve? What was different about Spanish culture that saw this style of eating develop over the years?

The accepted legend about the birth of the tapas tradition is associated with King Alfonso X of Castile (1252-1284) was recovering from an illness and had to consume small amounts of food with wine to strengthen his constitution. The method proved successful and so pleasurable to the king that he henceforth proclaimed that alcohol could not be served without accompanying food. It was a prudent decision as the tabernae and inns in Spain at the time were notoriously full of drunken and swarthy sailors. Having the patrons eat while imbibing their refreshments ensured they didn’t get too drunk too quickly and reduced violent incidents on the streets.

Bastille Festival, The Latin Village, First Fleet Park, Circular Quay on 13, 14, 15 and 16 July 2017