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So Fine So Tasty brings you the best of France gastronomy on Bastille Festival

So Fine So Tasty is the story of a French family who moved to Australia, and want to share with Australians quality products made by lovers of living “à la francaise”!

Sophie and her family arrived in Sydney 3 years ago and immediately embraced Australian culture and way of life.

So Fine So Tasty was created by their desire to share the best of French Gastronomy to Australians. Originated from Toulouse, in the South west of France, the family found natural to start importing the best products of their region.

Did you know that South West of France is one of the most gastronomic regions of France with over one-hundred-and-twenty foods carrying quality or origin labels. Midi-Pyrénées is the region with the widest variety of regional culinary specialities. Apart from the famous cassoulet (meat and bean stew) and Toulouse sausage, the restaurants of the pink city offer any number of duck and goose dishes. It’s hard to choose between the delicious confit (goose or duck leg cooked in its own fat), excellent duck breast or exquisite foie gras (intensively fed goose or duck liver)… You can try them all on Bastille Festival.

From Foie Gras to famous French dish Cassoulet, Duck Confit and Rillettes, So Fine So Tasty brings to Bastille Festival very exceptional authentic products.

Visit their stall on the BBR French Village at Bastille Festival on 13,14,15,16 July 2017