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Riza’s Catering

Riza’s Catering  on Bastille Festival with its delicious Sauerkraut !

Riza’s Catering brings authentic Alsatian Sauerkraut also called Choucroute Garnie in French to Bastille Festival 2017. We are so proud of it ! Choucroute garnie (French for dressed sauerkraut) is a famous Alsatian recipe for preparing sauerkraut with sausages, other salted meats, charcuterie and often potatoes. A single plate of choucroute garnie presents the best of both French and German gastronomic sensibilities: a beguiling mix of heartiness and heft with refinement and delicacy.

A bit of history...Although sauerkraut is a traditionally German and Eastern European dish, the French annexation of the Alsace Region in 1648 brought this dish to the attention of French Chefs and it has since been widely adopted in East of France. Like “cassoulet” or “pot au feu” and so many other examples of France’s regional cuisine, its origin is in a traditional, inexpensive dish, but grand versions (such as Choucroute royale, made with Champagne instead of Riesling), and grand ingredients (such as  foie gras and wild game) are mentioned both in traditional sources and in recipes from contemporary chefs and restaurants.

Riza’z Catering menu on the Festival is a killer !
Choucroute Garnie Royale 5 meats/3 meats
Boudin Noir and Kappes Teerdich (mashed potatoes and sauerkraut)
Croque Monsieur