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O Canada  is back on Bastille Festival by popular demand !

The business specialises in pure, premium Canadian maple syrup and maple products, all sourced directly from Quebec. It also offers a range of syrup grades and sizes, from take-home pancakes to bulk commercial supply.

O Canada also has everything the expat Canadian misses, from snacks to drinks and merchandise.

O Canada has been bringing Canada Down under since 2008 with a website started by a Canadian expat loving life in Australia but missing goodies from the “old country”. Knowing that there were other Canadians in similar circumstances, the website was set up to allow people to get their hands on Canadian food, flags, gifts and gear quickly, easily and without the need to worry about Customs and Quarantine (in Australia). We also want to make it easier for family and friends in Canada to send “care packages” to their loved ones in Australia. Finally, we hope to introduce Australians to a range of Canadian goods, notably maple syrup products!

How is the maple produced ?

The maple syrup production process gets its start from one of nature’s true phenomena. In springtime Canada , when the nights are still cold, water from the soil is absorbed into the maple tree. During the day, the warmer temperature creates pressure that pushes the water back down to the bottom of the tree, making it easy to collect the precious maple sap. After harvesting in the maple woods, the sap is transported to a sugar house where it boils down to become real maple syrup.

O Canada pop-up shop is on the French emporium Village of Bastille Festival. Scout Place (AMP Building Square) Circular Quay Foreshore, 13 to 16 July 2017