Maewenn (Formally The French Chic)

Maewenn (formally The French chic)

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Maewenn (formally The French chic)

Maewenn (Formally the French Chic) The French style on Bastille Festival

Maewenn (Formally the French Chic) is back by popular demand on BASTILLE FESTIVAL 2017. Come and visit Maiwen’s pop-up shop during 4 days on 13,14,15 and 16 July 2017 Bastille Day Weekend on the French BBR Village Customs house Forecourt !

Maewenn (Formally the French Chic)‘s jewellery and decoration designs offer fine contemporary and French-Inspired items for women who want a sophisticated, elegant and stylish look.

Classy, tailored elegance: hand-made jewellery of the Finest Sterling Silver or Rhodium, gold and rose-gold plated.

Handmade French Berets coming directly from the south of France will complete your ‘French’ look for this winter.

What makes the French Chic ?

If you’ve ever been to France, chances are you made an observation that the French dress quite differently than Australians do. It’s not what they’re wearing per se but how they’re wearing the trends.

 The French might say it all comes down to a certain indefinable “je ne said quoi”. But stare long and hard enough at photos of French women compared to their Australians counterparts, and you’ll realize there are key differences that set France’s girls apart — and rules Australian women can steal.
French women follow Coco Chanel’s rule: “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off.”