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Keski Pan Mexican Patisserie

Keski Pan Mexican Patisserie – traditional sweet recipes from Mexico on Bastille Festival

Keski Pan Mexican Patisserie is a one-of-a-kind Mexican Patisserie based in Sydney created by Pastry Chef Enrique Aguilar , who learnt the art of traditional pastry making from his father and older brother while growing up in Mexico City.

Don’t be surprised that Pastries can be as popular as Tacos in Mexico, either for breakfast or for dinner, there is a great variety of products that you can find in a Mexican “Panadería”.

From our commercial kitchen in Botany we provide assorted freshly baked products, as well as made-to-order pastries and treats that showcase original flavours and shapes and that are becoming favourites in Sydney Markets and Events.

What’s on the menu ?

Originated during the Aztec and Mayan cultures and are still a classic dish in modern Mexico. Our tamales are made with dough called masa, made from corn and filled with assorted ingredients before being wrapped in corn husks  to keep them moist and steamed until cooked.  Having corn as a base makes them naturally Gluten Free)

Mexican doesn’t only come in tacos. Our “Empanadas” are traditional pastries made fresh with delicious puff pastry and filled with unique Mexican flavours

Gluten free almond based cake in a pyramid shape. Sweet and juicy, this treat is available in many different flavours.

On Bastille Festival come and enjoy the best of Mexican cookies !

Visit Keski Pan’s pop-up shop join Bastille Festival, 13 t o16 July 2017, on the Latin Village, Circular Quay