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Jeff de Bruges delicious premium chocolates are back on Bastille Festival !

Jeff de Bruges is a French company of Belgian chocolates, with more than 450 stores around the world. The only boutique in Australia has opened in 2015 in Westfield Bondi Junction and is really well received by customers. The premium brand mixes the Belgian expertise in chocolate with the chic of the French recipes and packaging. Its unique chocolate-creating practice uses tradition Belgium techniques with a swirl of French-ingenuity and classic chic to create decadent and modern treats.

Frenchman, Phillip Jambon, created Jeff de Bruges in 1986 after realising there was a gap in the market for fine and delicious chocolate that was accessible to all. The Sydney store is based on the same principles of the original store in France – accessibility, quality and creativity. The talented chocolatiers are constantly exploring new recipes and ideas, and experimenting with new flavours in each collection.

The classic range of chocolates at the Bondi shop primarily follows what is on offer in France. This includes special collections for occasions like Christmas, Easter and Mothers’ Day. Jeff de Bruges’ range of chocolates can be bought individually or in conveniently packaged boxes, allowing customers to taste a variety of the chocolates on offer.

While praline, caramel and fruity chocolates are extremely popular among customers it is truly difficult to beat the ganache. Try the Jeff de Bruges Divine Caramel with salted butter caramel or the Divine Hazelnut Praline chocolate ganache with a hint of lemon, and we can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Jeff de Bruges
Shop 2009, Level 2, Westfield Bondi Junction, Bondi Junction
(02) 9369 2824