Frencheese Raclette Cheese

Frencheese Raclette Cheese

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Frencheese Raclette Cheese

Frencheese Raclette is back on Bastille Festival, yummy melted cheese !

Frencheese Raclette Cheese is serving French Raclette in street food events around Australia and will be on Bastille Festival Sydney 2017 for the third year in a raw.

Raclette cheese or “Fromage à raclette ” in French is a famous French dish where melted raclette cheese is poured over sautéed potatoes, used meat, alas and ” cornichons” (French jerkins)

A bit of history …

Raclette is a semi-hard cheese made on both sides of the French and Swiss Alps. Valais Raclette or Fromage a Raclette, as they are traditionally called, are made using ancestral methods with unpasteurised milk of cows grazing on the alpine meadows. The name Raclette comes from the French word ‘racler’, which means ‘to scrape’. The cheese has got a thin, brownish-orange coloured rind and a pale yellow pate with a few and scattered open holes. It is has a very distinctive pleasant, aromatic smell with a creamy texture, similar to Gruyere cheeses, which does not separate even when melted. The flavour can vary from nutty, slightly acidic to milky.

While Switzerland supplies 80% of Raclettes, French Raclettes are slightly softer with a smooth and creamy flavour. Raclette is also the name of a Swiss dish where the cheese is melted in front of a fire or a special machine and the melted parts are scraped onto diner’s plates. It is then served with small potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions and air dried meat called Viande des Grisons. Raclette comes in round and square shapes and can be served with Vin de Savoie.

Frencheese is on Bastille Festival at two locations :  The BBR French Village on Customs House & the Nordic Village for the Swiss Fondue on East Circular Quay . 13,14,15,16 July 2017