Dos Churros Spanish Doughnuts

Dos Churros

Dos Churros

Dos Churros is the maker of the finest handmade Spanish churros in the world prepared and cooked on the spot.

Dos Churros is on Bastille Festival Sydney 2017 in the Latin Village on First Fleet Circular Quay – 13,14,15,16 July 2017

Churros are traditional Spanish desserts developed centuries ago by Spanish shepherds. Up high in the mountains, fresh baked goods were impossible to come by, so the ingenious, nomadic folk of the hills came up with a delicious cake-like, cylindrical, daily staple which they could easily cook in a pan over an open fire. This was the birth of churros.

Originally churros were about the size of a breadstick, and they were eaten plain or rolled in cinnamon sugar. In Spain, churros are still a very popular breakfast, snack or dessert. But something this tasty wasn’t destined to remain in its country of origin.

It was only a matter of time before churros traveled to South America and other Hispanic countries and communities, eventually making their way to North America.

Once churros were adopted by peoples outside of Spain, they continued to evolve. Instead of being eaten plain, or rolled in sugar, a hollow, jumbo-sized churro was created, and stuffed with all kinds of delectable fillings such as chocolate, dulce de leche and fruit. 

You’ll find both the original churro (called a Churrito), and the stuffed, jumbo-sized churro (called Churrisimo), served at DOS CHURROS on BASTILLE FESTIVAL ( LATIN VILLAGE )

The delectable art of churro making is passed down from generation to generation, and today in Spain the churro is almost a national symbol. Therefore it’s not surprising that someone who specializes in making churros is held in very high regard.

A churro maker, or specialist, is called a Churner. So drop by DOS CHURROS on BASTILLE FESTIVAL, Latin Village First Fleet Park Circular Quay and enjoy one of the finest Spanish desserts served by one of our dynamic, friendly Churreros.