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Decadent Catering Decadent Catering brings cult dishes on Bastille Festival. If you ever try Tartifllette and Flammekueche you know what we mean.

Let’s start with  the Flammekueche or “Tarte flambée” : This Alsatian-Mosellan and South German dish composed of bread dough rolled out very thinly in the shape of a rectangle or circle, which is covered with fromage blanc or crème fraîche, thinly sliced onions and lardons. Just a killer !

Tartiflette now …

Tartiflette is a rich and decadent French dish from the Savoy region in the French Alps made with potatoes, reblochon ultra smelly cheese, lardons and onions.

The name Tartiflette derives from the Savoyard word for potatoes, tartifles, a term also found in Provençal. As many traditional dishes in the region the potato is a staple ingredient. Instead of the rest of nowadays France, Savoy as part of the Holy Roman Empire discovered the tubers earlier than the French. The Savoyards first heard of tartiflette when it began to appear on the menus of restaurants in the ski stations, conveying an image of authenticity and mountain terroir.

Decadent Catering is also your next caterer

We pride ourselves in bringing you the best food for your party. We can provide you a large variety of option to suit your guests need including vegetarian and gluten free option.

At Decadent Catering, we will always try to provide you with the best ingredients, and if possible, we will provide locally sourced ingredient. In reason, all our recipes are made from scratch to obtain the best results

We understand the necessity of staying in your budget and we are happy to work with you to tailor seasonal delicious food for your event.