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Ben Noir performing live

FRIDAY 14 – 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm – Customs House Main Stage

SUNDAY 16 – 2 pm to 3 pm – Customs House Main Stage

About the artist :

Ben is a singer, actor and cabaret performer with a unique voice, an extraordinary vocal range and a performance style that crosses many genres. A versatile artist he succeeds with both drama and comedy. His most special talent is an intimate connection with his audience, who experience a performance that is always emotionally engaging, inclusive and exhilarating from this charismatic artist. From jazz to musical theatre, classical to contemporary, Ben possesses a beautifully resonant, strong voice – with a falsetto range that would match most daring sopranos!  Whether performing jazz standards with the band, singing opera (which he can also do while doing a handstand!), French cabaret or anything in between, the audience is always assured of being a part of an experience that resonates deeply, but also amuses and entertains.

The luxurious quality of his voice is his signature whether in French or English – Wendy Lee Taylor, resident singer at Le Lido de Paris for the past 11 years, described his style as “…Having an authentic feel, almost like I`m listening to the song as it was originally intended to be sung”. Originally from Western Australia, Ben attended both the prestigious WAAPA for musical theatre and NIDA for acting. A career in physical theatre and circus arts ensued. He successfully auditioned for the television round of 2013`s Australia`s Got Talent . He was short-listed for the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil for future castings, as well as being selected as an Ariel performer for the Sydney Olympics’ Opening Ceremony.